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Troyer Products is one of the leading Distributors of VELCRO® Brand products, serving the Midwest. As a Platinum Distributor for Velcro USA, we provide our customers with reliable and cost efficient solutions combined with the industry leading product quality of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop.

Troyer Products has served the recreational vehicle industry since the beginning, over 30 years in all. And, by meeting the needs and requests of our customers, Troyer Products has grown from a small garage-based headboard maker into a full service RV, marine, specialty vehicle and upholstery supplier offering a number of different product lines.

Based on service, quality products and competitive pricing, we continue to be focused on helping our customers with their sourcing needs.

Because we offer many specialized and custom-manufactured items, this website is meant to show you our capabilities rather than list our thousands of detailed parts and products.
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VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop
Q: What is Hook and Loop Tape?
A: The Hook side is the rough or hard side, it is often referred to as the "male", "bristly" or "hard" side; while the Loop side is the soft or fuzzy side and often referred to as the "female", "plush" or "pile" side. Although there are many types of both hook & loop tape(s), the end use of the product will help determine which product would be best for your application. When you call or e-mail Troyer Products with your requirements, we will be happy to suggest a specific product and explain why it will best serve your needs.
The Story of Hook & Loop
In the early 1940's Swiss inventor George de Mestral was walking with his dog through the woods when he saw that his pants were covered in cockleburs. Noticing that his canine's coat was also full of the burrs, de Mestral became curious about their ability to attach to both material and fur, so he took some of the burrs to examine under his
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